Patricia H. - Toledo, OH - $6,107.45G. Catucci - Long Beach, NY - $14,614.78Mark H. - Boca Raton, FL - $12,259.20Andrew I. - Portland, ME - $65,401.41Christina V. - Miami Beach, FL - $84,414.03Bonnie K. - Stuart, FL - $9,644.77Terry M. - Durham, NC - $26,537.58Brian B. - Hernando, FL - $59,609.13Higinio R. - North Fort Myers, FL - $276,002.48James D. - East Bridgewater, MA - $4,822.39Doris & Denis G. - Methuen, MA - $85,676.34Sandy Q. - Tampa, FL - $132,385.03Val & Katherine O. - Steamwood, IL - $6,414.95Jamie R. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - $78,019.58Charlotte S. - Boston, MA - $13,238.35Mary Ann M. - Haines City, FL - $7,478.44John & James B. - Ft. Wayne, IN - $41,847.92Tara A. - Spring Hill, FL - $62,010.71Peter S. - Camden, NJ - $39,423.06Cheryl D. - Chattanooga, TN - $7,762.21Margaret & Timothy A. - Bismark, ND - $18,867.20Luz R. - Miami, FL - $261,540.52Robert R. - New Port Richey, FL - $31,119.94Kenneth R. - Montgomery, AL - $9,036.05Michael W. - Colorado Springs, CO - $23,743.67Deborah R. - Duluth, GA - $33,100.41Clarence M. - Sarasota, FL - $11,794.11Jean C. - Chicago, IL - $30,000.00Christina K. - Homestead, FL - $158,894.19Teather S. - Sebring, FL - $10,216.20Christopher W. - Jackson, MS - $27,299.39Glen C. - Madison, WI - $14,873.78Stuart G. - Princeton, FL - $34,532.32Michael V. - Palm City, FL - $12,193.46Michael D. - Umatilla, FL - $13,422.07Prince G. - Appleton, WI - $23,486.09Venande & Neeck S. - Mesa, AZ - $12,648.50Eugene D. - New Orleans, LA - $153,958.54Brian W. - Madison, MS - $34,834.35David L. - Greenville, SC - $35,042.31Robert B. - Winterville, NC - $13,502.50Eric F. - San Jose, CA - $51,319.51Adelfo P. - El Paso, TX - $11,866.36Edward S. - Port Saint Joe, FL - $12,118.50Paul M. - Norfolk, VA - $104,228.94

Privacy & Security Policy

Funds Owed LLC is now doing business (dba) as Funds-Found-For-You. Funds-Found-For-You aka Funds Owed LLC has taken significant measures to protect the privacy and security of personal information. “Personal Information” is any information that would allow someone to identify or contact your clients. Such personal information includes our clients’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers or e-mail addresses.

Personal information will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected, which is to assist Funds Owed LLC in the recovery of your unclaimed or lost money.

Funds Owed LLC does not sell, share, trade, or otherwise disclose any personal information unless legally required to do so. An example of a situation requiring legal disclosure of our clients’ personal information may occur in connection with providing the trustee or holder of the unclaimed or lost assets with identifying information necessary to verify that you are the intended recipient of unclaimed or lost money. The trustee and holder of the unclaimed or lost money are just as concerned about Identity Theft and Fraud as you are and this is why they often require such information.

Funds Owed LLC has developed internal procedures to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information that is provided to us by our clients. All personally identifiable information is subject to restricted access even among our employees. Funds Owed LLC security measures are designed to protect the disclosure, loss, or misuse of information under our control. Once a recovery is complete, we make a substantial effort to remove personal information from our database and files. We shred all confidential and private information once the recovery process is completed.